Birkbeck Centre for Technology and Publishing releases scholarly communications platform, “Janeway”

Birkbeck’s Centre for Technology and Publishing is pleased to announce the open-source release of its software for academic publishing. “Janeway” is a press and journal system designed for open-access publishing that is free to download, use, and modify.

Written in Django/Python from the ground up and still under active development, the software includes a submission system, a peer-review management workflow, Crossref DOI integration, OAI feeds, Open Journal Systems import mechanisms, an extensible plugin architecture, and much more. Janeway is licensed under the AGPL meaning that anyone is free to use and modify the software, so long as they make their changes similarly open (even if they modify the code in private and publicly host that instance). The software is lightweight and can run on shared hosting platforms that support WSGI, such as Reclaim Hosting.

Janeway press

A press site running Janeway

The Director of the CTP and Project Lead on Janeway, Professor Martin Paul Eve, said: “we are delighted to be able to contribute to the growing ecosystem of open-source platforms for open-access publication and to assist presses in lowering their overheads of running a platform. Janeway has been designed, from the ground up, to be easy to understand with a clean codebase in a modern web framework. In turn, this makes it easy to hire technical staff at rates that won’t break the bank to maintain scholarly communication infrastructures.”

Andy Byers, who has recently joined Birkbeck, University of London as Senior Publishing Technologies Developer in order to take on the Lead Developer role on Janeway, added: “my experience with some of the existing platforms was one of frustration – complex architectures that were difficult to maintain unless you knew them inside out. The goal with Janeway was to have a fast, modern web framework do most of the lifting so that we can concentrate on the features that open-access publishers need.”

An article rendered from JATS XML in Janeway

An article rendered from JATS XML in Janeway

Janeway is still under heavy development and we require testers and other users to report bugs. Basic installation instructions are available on the Wiki. Please direct all issues to the GitHub page of the project.

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