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Birkbeck centre begins work on open-source translation tool for scholarly communications

The Birkbeck Centre for Technology and Publishing, based in the School of Arts, has announce that work has begun on its open-source translation tool for scholarly communications. The tool, being developed as part of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and a private donor, will be designed to allow users to write and read translations of openly licensed work, rather than resorting to the more common machine-based, automatic approaches.

The Director of the Centre for Technology and Publishing and a CEO of the Open Library of Humanities, Dr. Martin Paul Eve, said: “Among the greatest problems in our scholarly communication systems are financial, geographical, and linguistic fractures. Each of these elements fragments and divides our global communities of knowledge. The Open Library of Humanities has thus far worked to address the former two of these elements, allowing anyone to read and contribute to the platform without financial charge, from anywhere in the world. Although it is a huge social challenge to address, with the open development of a human-based translation platform that anyone can re-use, we seek to make progress on this third axis.”

Dr. Marija Katic, who joins the Centre to work on this project, has an MEd in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Split and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb. She has experience as a Lecturer, Researcher and a Software Developer. Her main interest is in software evolution, a sub-area of software engineering that aims to help software engineers to cope with ever changing environments in an easier way.

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